Ben Potter

Ben Potter - Voice Over Artist

Ben Potter - Voice Over Artist



Provided the Voice Over for two series and multiple standalone videos on Netflix's YouTube channel.


Part of a panel unveiling of the nominees for the 2018 BAFTA Games Awards.


Wrote and presented a podcast for the BBC on how to get in to video game development.


Voice Over for an internal NHS staff training video covering pregnancy testing in schools.


Playing the character of Evgeny in upcoming Vampire RPG Cabernet.

Parcel Corps

Providing VO and another role for Billy Goat Entertainment's upcoming "gig economy" racer.

GoldenEra Documentary

Provided the VO narration and script reviewed for this 007 GoldenEye documentary.

World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association

Provided VO for a series of classification videos for the WDBS (World Disability Billiards and Snooker).


As the Channel Manager for video game company TripleJump, I write, record, and edit a variety of content.

Her Majesty's Spiffing

Provided the trailer Voice Over for Her Majesty’s SPIFFING: The Empire Staggers Back.

Cultaholic Wrestling

I’ve appeared in a number of different videos as well as providing Voice Over.

The Yogscast

Part of the Yogscast network of channels, Vidiots is a gaming channel I ran in 2018. Part of that involved occasional Voice Over for light-hearted, ‘silly lists’.


Presented and provided Voice Over for many of WhatCulture’s extremely popular list videos.

Push Square

As the former Video Editor for Push Square, I used to lend my voice to opinion pieces and sketches, as well as Game of the Month/Game of the Year videos.

Bomber Crew

Provided the Voice Over for the launch trailer and two additional promotional videos.

Defiant Wrestling

Previously WCPW (WhatCulture Pro Wrestling), I provided Voice Over for their announcement trailer.

Please Knock on My Door

I voiced Will in the well-received indie video game: Please Knock on My Door

Rocket Punch

Provided the voice for Boss Hugman in the PS4 game Rocket Punch.

Trouble Hunter Chronicles: The Stolen Creed

Provided the voice for one of the orphans in Trouble Hunter Chronicles: The Stolen Creed.


Provided this over-the-top VO for Leeds-based tattoo artist Steph Milburn.


Recorded CentriVault’s Corporate Voicemail.


Co-hosted Yogscast's WWE 2K22 live stream playing the on-screen character of commentator Michael Jugson.

Robin Hill

The safety warning Voice Over I provided for a 4D cinema ride at Robin Hill Adventure Park and Gardens.

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